The casino industry has generated many controversies regarding games and has divided opinions of the benefits or social prejudices that these practices suppose. But technological advances had their influence in the industry, and it has developed online casino platforms to provide a service to the fans of gaming remotely. Las Vegas is the city with the largest number of online casino centers worldwide and although there was repression by the Department of Justice in the main online casino and then the ban of these games in the United States.

However, despite the repressions, many game enthusiasts did not stop and continued to participate in live and online casino games. But online platforms had their peak and this allowed many fans to prefer online games and as the years passed, many of these fans have never had the initiative to visit a live casino. Although poker is one of the most popular table games in the industry, there are many differences between online pokers compared to live games. However, there are those who wish to experience the poker experience in a physical casino, but to do so, they must be aware of these differences and adapt to those factors in order to enjoy the games.

Stakes in live casinos

One of the reasons why online players were impressed with live poker is the ability to play with micro-bets, an option that does not exist in the United States game room. In this sense, poker fans will have to demand more of themselves to compete in the game since the bets are dollars and not cents as they were used to. Although not all will be satisfied with the new regulations, they will just enter the environment and look for friends to make a home game. The same limitations also apply for tournaments with small bets, which in turn was a great incentive for online poker platforms.

Multi-table options at online casinos

One of the great options offered by the online casino is to be able to play poker at several tables at once, because it increases the chances of winning several prizes and reduces the chances of losing, is something that does not exist in the live casino. Sure many players will hate it, but it can be compensated with other benefits such as being able to study your opponent when involved in a hand. Although in live poker, you can only play at one table at a time, it’s just a matter of getting used to and getting the most out of the game.

The speed ​​of online casino games

Generally speaking, poker has an advantage over live poker in when at the speed of hands per hour when it comes to multiple tables. Players who are used to online poker will notice that hands in the live casino will develop a little slower. While for some it may be an advantage to study their opponents or think better a move in those seconds, others will take it as a boring version, however, it is necessary to adapt to this rhythm and enjoy the game, for this it is it is advisable to start decreasing the values ​​of the initial hands.

Time in the game sessions

Without a doubt, one of the great advantages of online poker is to be able to enjoy the game during a 15-minute session from the comfort of home. In live casinos, live gaming rooms are usually saturated with people and therefore require waiting in open seats while their turn arrives. Another factor that differentiates a live casino from one online is the $1.00 tournaments in which the entrance to the players is 10.00 and therefore it could take the whole day to finish or maybe a little more.

Pokerface in live casinos

“Poker face” is a term used in the jargon of many countries, it is a tool that can bring many benefits to players during the games sessions. Caring for bodily and facial expressions in live poker is an almost indispensable requirement, however, in online poker sessions, this will not be necessary because obviously, no one will be able to see you. On the internet, players remain anonymous playing behind a virtual table. This is a significant change for new players in live casinos, controlling emotions and their features will not be so simple.

At the live poker tables, players accustomed to the virtual game, must maintain a professional posture and have some decorum, since they are playing with real people, interpersonal skills are also necessary, this time you will not be playing in your pajamas, Live casino poker professionals really are a competition with extraordinary abilities. Unlike an online casino, there is no chat to vent anger and anger without risking a dispute between players, at the live poker tables you have to control these emotions.

Calculate the boat and follow up

Watching the pot through a screen to determine the odds on a current bet is one of the great advantages that online poker offers, however, at live casino tables, players must learn to keep track of this. water well. While it is not that simple, players must pay close attention and discipline to get used to this condition.

Expenses and investments

Online poker players do not require leaving too many investments in the game as live casino players. These expenses are determined mostly, due to the transfer to the casino, this requires a bus ticket, gas expenses or taxi payment. In live games it is very common for players to make fun of the croupiers and often throw him 1 dollar, something that does not happen with online casinos, and although many do so out of generosity, at the end of the year you can take care of everything that it costs to go to a live casino, what you are accumulating from session to session that in comparison to the onliners you will be investing more money.

Options in the increase of the ropes

Chain increase is a term that is only handled in live casino games, if you are onliners you may not be familiar with these words. This tool is based on an increase that only occurs when its increase is made in a single fluid movement. An example of this is if a player places enough chips in the pot in order to pay the bet, but then returns to his stack again and takes to increase additional chips. This is a movement that is often considered illegal is because when it seems that the player is betting and does, then it is increasing, with that, you can get information through the facial expressions of the participants in their reactions. However, there is an option where participants can avoid this option by verbally speaking if a player wants to increase the bet, it is enough to say “I rise”.

Control over your own cards and cards

In the live poker casinos, only the members are responsible for their cards and chips, in the case of online casinos, the player should only press the corresponding buttons. But in a live poker there are monitors next to the tables to imitate the virtual sessions, and consequently, there have been live games that contain certain online distributions with chips and cards. Although there are such points of sale options in live casinos, they are usually minority, however, this can mean an advantage because many players prefer to have control and manage their chips and cards.

But the fact of being able to handle these resources implies that you must be able to skilfully overcome, usually the two stacks of 10 or 5 chips until you turn them into a single stack of 20 or 10 chips and you do not look like a rookie in front of all the expert poker players.


Each one of the poker game scenarios is enjoyable according to their environment. The idea of ​​online casinos emerged in order to provide entertainment in a remote way and easy to earn money from a computer. But there are certain elements of live casinos that are not provided by online platforms.

Although both scenarios have advantages and disadvantages from each other, however, each can offer a good experience and you can take advantage of the physical and online casinos. You have to keep in mind the characteristics of each one, the requirements, the basic rules to play each according to the expectations and the needs of the fans. Online poker players may feel pressured in a live casino, although the game is the same, each scenario proposes a menu of different options that depending on the criteria of each fan can be considered the best version.

To choose the best variety of poker it is necessary to establish our expectations, our needs, and the tools available to us in a balance. If our preference is to be in the comfort of our home, you are skilled with the time of sessions and you are not good at controlling facial expressions, then online poker is the best option for those types of fans.

However, those who enjoy the experience of music, the environment and the company of more fans, live casinos are the best option. This modality is the original and therefore houses a community of expert amateurs who always maintain a professional posture and an attitude with decorum, the drinks, meals and interpersonal relationships generated by live casinos are one of the great advantages it has over internet poker platforms.